I am sosososososososososoSO excited for summer!!!!!!! No offense, but I am getting VERY tired of school- SO boring :/ I’m really glad there’s only 26 days until summer (including weekends)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really want summer to come but there’s 3 downsides to summer…

1. Mosquitoes ( I live in the woods- they swarm!)

2. No hockey 🙁 ( hockey is the only way I live through winter!)

3. Biking up hills every day! ( my sister and I go biking every day and we hate going up our big country roads with big hills and potholes!)


But don’t worry- the good things overpower the bad!!! 🙂

SHOW OFF TIME!!!!!! :)

 We were told to show off our blogging skills so… here goes!

I learned how to upload pictures in week 4 or 5 but back then it was a complicated process. Now, it’s a habit to put a picture in my posts.

This Is One Of My Favourite Pictures

This Is One Of My Favourite Pictures

I also learned how to add and make videos to my posts from ( and make links). I think slideshows add lots of fun to posts!
I also think links are important too, they lead people in the right direction so if they like the link you gave them, they might come back! Here are a few good links to improve blogging!
I’ve learned a lot about technology and the Internet since I started blogging. Before week 1, I didn’t even know how to open a new tab- or what it was! I also learned from the posts I researched for- for instance about my digital footprint. I also learned that photo attribution and trackbacks are important too! (so are tags and categories!!) I’m very glad I got such a good experience the last 10 weeks!

Our K9 Presentation!!

Today when we were working on our blogs in the classroom, Cassy came running in really excited and we were all like: “what’s up?” So she explains to our substitute  teacher that our VIP officer from last year promised us that this year we would get a presentation about police dogs.

About 15 minutes later, we’re sitting out in the yard with the grade 6’s while the 2 officers do a whole speech about police dogs. The best part was when they brought out the dogs! First was a black lab named Gunner who was still in training. We got to watch him chase around a toy in the feild- so cute! Next, they brought out Zander a Dutch Shephard who was pretty amazing!!  He did basic commands like sit, down, heel etc. But the most amazing part was when they put him away! He was in the truck and the officer told us he could turn on the truck. Noone believed him so he told us on three to yell: “ZANDER, START THE CAR!!!!” So we did and about 20 seconds later, on comes the car! He could turn it off too! It was really cool, but then we found out one of the officers had a remote in her hand 🙁 It was a cool joke,anyway!

The best part about this was that we got out of math class! WHOOHOO! :]

Blogging In The Summer????

To be honest, I really don’t think I will blog over the summer. I know I’m supposed to- it would be the good thing to do to keep it up but (no offense) I have better things to do than sit infront of the computer while I could be outside playing or swimming or camping.

When you think of summer, don’t you think of going to the beach, hanging with friends and chilling by the pool outside? That’s what I think of- not inside on the computer while my sister’s out swimming in the pool.

Although I’m not going to blog often in the summer, I will if it’s a rainy day ot I’m really bored.I will also continue next year in grade 8 and keep in touch with everyone!

* I hope I didnt offend anyone, but I think soaking up the sun is funner than soaking up the Internet 🙂

I Need Visitors!!!

Visitors are great, right? Well, I need some more! I think to get more, I need to be more inclusive with the reader of my posts. If I include questions in posts or comments, people will answer, therefore getting comments and visitors. I also need to simply make my blog more appealing. Someone who has done all this and done it so well he passed our teacher in visitors by a mile is…… JAYDEN! ( I really think he should be our superblogger!

Anyway…….. I’m going to ask you some questions and I hope you comment and answer back.

What’s your favourite….


One more question…….. WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM?

I’m Proud of Memeself for…

I’m very proud of myself for…. the Cassie Turner Award. I got it last summer at the end-of-the hockey-season-banquet. The normal stuff was given out- most improved, most sportsmanlike, most valuable player and so on and so forth and to tell you the truth, I was a little bit disappointed I did not get one. But then at the end they were giving out the really big awards and after an hour and a half of sitting around, we were all bored and noone was paying attention all that much. I heard some stuff about the HERicanes Legend, Cassie Turner- we had all heard her story before- but that was when I heard the president of the HERicanes Organization say my coaches name from the podium. I looked up from ripping holes in the garbage-bag table and listened to my coach tell everyone a big speech he wrote about a forward and a good leader- a ‘’warrior on ice” he said. Near the end, he was talking about how this girl had held a sleep over at her house to celebrate our first win. That was when I figured it out- he was talking about ME! When his speech was over, he looked at me and said: I would like to give the Cassie Turner Award to EmiLy. OMG, right? I stood up there for a while while Coach Darren said some more stuff about me and Jim Milson said some stuff about how the Cassie Turner Award was very prestigious and showed leadership and a good team player and all I could think was: THANK YOU, COACH DARREN! 🙂 I’m very honoured to have my name on the grand (heavy) trophy in the case at Talbot Gardens. I also got a little mini-trophy of my own 🙂 It’s definitely the thing I am most proud of EVER!

MY WIDGETS!!!!(typed while metaphorically blind)

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t really have many widgets. OK, this is really hard to write because my computer isn’t exactly working, so I can’t see what I’m typing so I have to be very cautious as to what I’m typing. So much for editing my work!! :). OK, back to the subject:WIDGETS.. I don’t have many because I like to just work on my posts to keep up with the challenges, but once I’m all caught up, I’ll add more widgets. The ones I have, I got while I was all caught up and I LOVE THEM!!! <3 I like to know how many visitors I have so I know how appealing my blog is. I love animals so I adopted some virtual pets! :] . Anyway, I'm getting frustrated with not seeing what I'm typing so I'm going to post this!

How Learning in the Outside World Has Helped Me!!!!

I think the most important thing I’ve learned outside school- or atall- is what a veterinarian is. It has already helped me make choices leading to my future like learning about animals and helping with them in any way I can. Soon, it’s going to help me choose the right classes and University to become a vet. I honestly have no idea what I would want to do with my life if I didn’t want to be a vet.

I’m really thankful that my parents taught me what a vet was when I was 4. They told me we were taking Sawyer, our dog , to the vet and I asked “what’s that?”. So they explained to me in simple terms that I would understand at that age: ” a vet is an animal doctor, someone who makes your pet feel better. Even big animals like horses!” And from that day on, I’ve never thought about another life path. My friends all say they don’t want to be vets because they would have to put animals down. And I always give them the same response: “it’s for thier own good. Would you rather an animal go through horrible suffering with thier organs shutting down one by one in excruciating pain, or put them down peacefully and painlessly?” Then they’re speechless. 🙂